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Welcome to Aprel’s Thoughts and Reviews ~ It’s nice to meet you!

I’m Aprel Phelps Downey and I’m the heart and soul behind this website. Writing has been my passion since elementary school when I entered a local writing contest. My participation in that contest illustrated how effective written words are in capturing thoughts, ideas and emotions that aren’t easily expressed through verbal communication. From that moment forward, I’ve combined my passions for writing and creativity to bring ideas to life!

My writing experience extends into the areas of blogging, creative writing, freelance writing and being a published author. My author experience comes in the form of being a contributing author on a book project focusing on how abuse survivors are breaking the cycle with their own children. I have also published a book helping others overcome obstacles in their lives and start living the life they deserved. My upcoming project, scheduled to be released in late fall 2017, is a children’s book giving a lesson on bullying and kindness. 

My professional writing content has been published in magazine such as Spotlight on Recovery and Lifescript Women’s Health. My freelance writing content can be seen on corporate websites, social media magazine blogs and educational institution websites, among others. I have a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Marketing from the University of South Florida and own a small business marketing company as well. 

When not focusing on sharing my thoughts and reviews or helping small businesses stand out in the competitive crowd I enjoy spending time with my husband and daughter in Eastern Tennessee. I love all things coffee and chocolate and am a die hard Buffalo Bills Fan!