Do You Want to Know More About Cute & Young Bath Bombs?

Disclaimer: I received a free product in exchange for this review post. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own and not influenced by the product company and/or its affiliates in any way.

Life can be crazy busy at times as I face the daily tasks of being a homeschooling mom who runs a business, manages a home, cares for a family and is working on publishing a children’s book in two months. All of this rarely gives me a quiet minute in the day where I can temporarily turn my mind off and just relax.

Are you nodding your head ‘yes’ and thinking that this all sounds familiar as well?

I’m working to change this ‘running ragged’ feeling by taking time for a self-care moment in the day and think you should do the same as well. When we feel rested and relaxed, it makes accomplishing the tasks of the day easier. It also works to set a good example for our children when they see mom taking care of herself right along with everyone else. For that reason, I was excited to get the opportunity to try a Cute & Young Bath Bombs set!

The Product

The creative minds at Cute & Young encourage women to take some time to rest, relax and unwind when life gets to that all too familiar exhaustion level. Actually they encourage us to stop for a moment before reaching that point and let them serve as our personal assistant of sorts. One way they encourage us to do this is with their bath bombs products.

Each bath bomb contains organic ingredients that are easy to pronounce such as Vitamin E, Dead Sea Salt, Kaolin Clay, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and an essential oils blend. An additional bonus of this product is knowing that the bath bombs are cruelty-free and void of any harsh chemicals or dyes.

You will love the size of these bath bombs as they are larger than similar products you would find in a retail store. Most bath bomb products are equivalent to a ping pong ball in size. The Cute & Young bath bombs are 4.2 ounces in size, making them easy to handle at all times.


When the package arrives, the decorative box is ideal for giving as a gift to someone special. If that was your plan for purchasing the product in the first place, you may be thinking twice about doing that once you hold the bath bombs set in your hands. Upon opening the box for the first time, you will see six bath bombs carefully resting on a bed of shredded paper.

Each bath bomb comes wrapped in a pastel colored tissue paper, which creates a visually appealing display of pinks and purples inside the box. When you open one individual package, a bath bomb is revealed in an equally appealing pastel color. As you pick up a bath bomb, you discover how lightweight it is in nature and how it’s easy to handle. That is something you want in a bath product as you don’t want it to fall out of your wet hands once inside the bathtub.

Another thing you will notice about the packaging is the soothing aroma coming from inside the box. That soothing scent is present without you even having to open the package. A few slow, deep breathes brings that soothing aroma into your body and you instantly feel more relaxed than you have in quite awhile. It also works to make you all that more eager to get your bath started.


Nestled inside the bath bombs package is an instructional guide that helps you create a relaxing experience each time you use a bath bomb. That helpful guide instructs you to do a few simple things to make the most of your bath time experience such as grabbing a glass of your favorite beverage, a good book and hanging a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the bathroom door.

To get your bath started, you want to fill your bathtub up with warm water first then find the bath bomb that matches your mood. Six bath bombs come in one package, which gives you the following options to choose from:

                                      Lush Life: Ideal for relaxation and healthy skin care
                                      Sweet Dreams: Ideal for getting a rested night of sleep
                                      Get Lucky: Ideal for facing a big event or presentation
                                      Don’t Worry: Ideal for restoring your mental balance
                                      Feeling Good: Ideal for energizing your body
                                      Fix You: Ideal for reducing stress

With your tub now filled with warm water, you want to place the bath bomb into the water where it will fizz for approximately three minutes. It will simultaneously change the color of your bath water as well. Once the fizzing stops, you have an aromatherapy warm bath waiting to whisk you away to a quiet world of relaxation!

My Final Thoughts

Finding time to enjoy a relaxing bath can be quite difficult with my busy schedule. That being said, I wanted to give the ‘Sweet Dreams’ bath bomb a try and see if it would give me a fighting change at getting a restful night of sleep. So I set aside time one night and enjoyed a rather relaxing bath experience. I found the bath bomb easy to use and the soothing aroma that quickly filled the bathroom made the experience that much more enjoyable!

I recommend these bath bombs by Cute & Young to any woman looking to escape reality for a bit or as a gift for that special woman in your life.

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