Design Originals Gives You Ways to be Creative at Christmas

Disclaimer: I received free copies  of these books in exchange for this review post. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own and not influenced by the product company and/or its affiliates in any way. 

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year! There is a sense of magic and wonder in the air as everyone gathers together to share holiday cheer, reflect on the year that’s soon coming to an end and does their best to bring holiday wishes to life. You can wake up to a blanket of snow covering the world outside, which might send you reaching for the arsenal of clothing that will keep you warm while you play in the snow. Before long, laughter fills the air as children, young and old, fly down hills on sleds, build snowmen or engage in friendly snowball fights.

As the outside fun concludes, everyone comes inside to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate and snuggle under a comfortable blanket by the fire. All of this hustle and bustle leads to the magic that is Christmas morning. Children everywhere fly out of bed and rush to the Christmas tree in anticipation of what Santa may have delivered the night before. 

Yes Christmas is truly a magical time of year, however, it can also be an exhausting time as well. There is an endless list of tasks that one needs to complete in order to make the holiday as magical as possible. Finding a few minutes of downtime amongst the activities of the holidays can make a world of difference. For that reason, Design Originals gives us three great ways to slow things down for a bit and engage in some festive creativity for Christmas. 

Christmas Paper Crafting


The best gifts that you can find under the Christmas tree are often handmade and crafted with love from the gift giver.  Design Originals gives you the opportunity to create beautiful, handmade Christmas essentials, such as gift tags, bookmarks and mini-cards, with their Christmas Paper Crafting book. Inside you will find visually appealing pages that are printed on card stock paper with the bright Christmas colors you’d expect to see in ornaments and other holiday decor. There are also black and white mini-card and bookmark pages that are waiting for your personal decorative touch as well. 


If creativity is not your thing, no need to worry as this book can still be extremely beneficial to you! There are several pages at the start of the book that offer great project ideas for each type of paper craft activity. You can draw inspiration from these colorful options or use the ideas as a starting point for your own unique design creations. There are also directions that help you create refrigerator magnets and small envelopes that lets you easily turn a paper craft into a homemade gift. There are directions on how to turn the beautiful Christmas images in the book into stylish and festive framed art pieces that would look great as holiday decor pieces around your home. 

Santa’s Kitty Helpers Holiday Coloring Book

Coloring is a great way to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety that often arise this time of year! Design Originals gives you the opportunity to do just that by combining adorable kittens with traditional Christmas scenes in their Santa’s Kitty Helpers Holiday Coloring Book that would make a great stocking stuffer for someone on your holiday gift list.    


On each page you will find a cuddly Christmas kitten engaging in fun activities such as playing with a bowl full of ornaments, holding a candle or just plain being cute. The adorable images are accompanied by a Christmas quote that will inspire and warm the heart of anyone who receives this sweet gift under the tree this year. Each page is crafted from high quality paper, making it ideal for using colored pencils, markers or paint tools when coloring an image. 

Cute Christmas Holiday Coloring Book 

Christmas and cute animals basically go hand-in-hand with the spirit of the season. Design Originals works to bring these two festive feelings together in the Cute Christmas Holiday Coloring Book that features everything from adorable puppies to cuddly cats and snowmen having fun outdoors. The coloring book creates such a feeling of holiday cheer that you just might want to keep it for yourself instead of giving it away as a gift. 


Each image is printed on high quality paper and features perforated edges, which allows you to easily remove a design once it’s finished if you desire. On the back of the page you will find an inspirational Christmas quote and a few blank lines that you can use to write down a memory or share a holiday tradition. You can also use this space to write a message to someone if you are giving a picture away as a gift. 

My Final Thoughts

It’s not what you find under the tree that makes Christmas special but rather the people who you share the holiday with that makes it special. These creative Christmas books from Design Originals gives you the opportunity to spend time with those you love the most and engage in activities that keeps everyone off their electronic devices for a small period of time and lets you fill that time with laughter and new memories instead. Each of these books also makes a great gift for someone on your holiday shopping list this year. 

I high recommend each of these books as a great way to start new Christmas traditions, spend time with family and friends or just take a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle that often comes with preparing for the arrival of Christmas morning. 

You can find each of these books here and in the highlighted links in each book section above. Happy Holidays!!