Building a Solid Foundation for Girls ~ Book Review with a Giveaway ~

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of these two books in exchange for this review post. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own and not influenced by the product company and/or its affiliates in any way. 

Girls are bombarded with messages that attack their self-esteem and deplete their self-worth from the moment they learn their first word. Magazine and television commercials feature women who appear to have everything together. Their hair and makeup follows the latest beauty trends, their clothes come straight off the latest fashion runway and they are always smiling.

Adults know these picture perfect images come courtesy of the digital editing process that takes place behind the scenes. We understand that the unedited versions of those covergirls rarely see the light of day. Young girls, however, fail to realize this and they soon develop the thought process that these models set the standard for how they are suppose to look and act.  They begin to feel as if they could never measure up to these women.

Before long they are finding fault with practically every physical feature they see staring back at them when they look in the bathroom mirror. As they grow older, peer pressure from other girls only makes that problem worse. That makes our job as parents harder as we try our best to counteract these negative messages from society and their peers.

My daughter is 12 years old and these issues are weighing heavy on my heart. Her dad and I do our best to instill self-confidence in her every chance we get. However, we also realize that it’s a difficult battle to fight alone so we turn to God for guidance on how to navigate this path in life. That is why I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to review two fantastic books that will help my daughter learn more about her journey with God.

– Follow Your Heart –

Follow Your Heart | Aprel's Thoughts and Reviews

Every girl needs to have this Faithgirlz Backpack Bible with her as she moves through this crazy world! One of the best features of this bible is the fact that it’s small enough to fit inside a bag, purse, locker or anywhere else that makes it readily available for your girl. It offers a stylish yet effective leather soft pink cover with the words “Follow Your Heart” encircled in a red heart. The binding is effective in allowing the bible to lay flat when opened.

Follow Your Heart Sample Page | Aprel's Thoughts and Reviews

Inside the soft pink cover your girl will find a handful of colorful pages mixed in with God’s word. At the start, the Bible lets your girl enter personal information such as her favorite song, bible verse and friend as well as how she feels when she talks to God. These simple affirmation sections help give your girl something to look back on in those tough moments of life where self-doubt makes an appearance.

Follow Your Heart Sample Page | Aprel's Thoughts and Reviews

My favorite feature of the bible is that the words of Jesus are written in red. That distinction of his words allows my daughter to easily see what Jesus shares with each situation that he faces along his journey. She also has a quick reference for those moments when she seeks guidance yet the words of mom and dad fall on inattentive ears.

My overall impression of this bible is extremely positive! It does a great job of appealing to girls with the pink texture and small hearts that blanket the pages without sacrificing the importance of God’s word. My daughter plans to keep her bible in her nightstand drawer so that it’s there when she needs the guidance and reassurance that God provides her.

– Brave Beauty –

Brave Beauty | Aprel's Thoughts and Reviews

I’m a firm believer in giving girls every opportunity to see and hear empowering messages that help them understand how beautiful and wonderful they are in the eyes of God. These messages of positivity cannot be heard enough and that’s why your girl needs this book! It features a beautiful cover design of simple flowers growing as butterflies fly around. The hardbound cover makes it sturdy enough to withstand being carried around in your daughter’s backpack, purse, sports bag or other transportation vessel.

Brave Beauty Sample Page | Aprel's Thoughts and ReviewsInside the pages of this book, your girl will discover various affirmation messages and courageous calls to God while encountering simple stories outlining common thoughts that girls have about life. There are mini chapters discussing topics such as belonging to God’s family, standing alone in personal beliefs and feeling misunderstood.

Each mini chapter features affirmations on becoming brave. These help teach your girl all the ways that she is brave, such as standing up for a friend or having the faith to try something new. As the chapters come to an end, your girl receives a courageous call giving her a simple prayer that helps start a conversation with God.Brave Beauty Sample Page | Aprel's Thoughts and ReviewsMy daughter thought this feature was beneficial and she often found herself carrying on a longer conversation with Jesus as a result of the courageous call. Sometimes I think our girls get caught up in wanting to say the right thing to Jesus when they speak to him. Having these gentle starter points can help get the conversation going as they grow closer in their relationship with God and us as parents.

My overall impression of this book is a positive one. I feel like the topics covered in each chapter are things that my daughter thinks about but may not know how to express out loud. It helps us have a deeper conversation with each other as well as we become more comfortable talking about the issues that she will be facing in the coming years.

– Giveaway Contest –

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