Does a Sanne Lunch Bag Make Life Easier?

Disclaimer: I received a free product in exchange for this review post. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own and not influenced by the product company and/or its affiliates in any way.

My daughter spends most days bouncing from one activity to another. She juggles a schedule that includes school, a musical theater class and three different dance classes throughout the week. There is one day in particular that she has three different classes over the course of four hours. Quick math can tell you that adds up to three solid hours of physical activity with a short break for dinner. All of that equals a tired girl that is also quite hungry if her arsenal of snacks isn’t enough to keep up with her level of activity.

As a mom that means I need to send her to the dance studio with a lunch bag that can handle the task at hand. It’s easier said than done as most lunch bags lack the ability to adequately handle an assortment of food for an extended period of time. With that thought in mind, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the Sanne lunch bag that the Aafly Amazon Store sent me.

The Product

Sanne Lunch Bag | Aprel's Thoughts and Reviews

My daughter was instantly drawn to the lunch bag for its appearance featuring pastel hearts all over the exterior. That makes sense because what girl isn’t drawn to a bag with pastel hearts on it. Even I have to admit that bag did look cute and rather stylish.  A quick observation indicates that it’s a quality product, which is beneficial when an active girl will be the one using it the most. Although appearance is important as my daughter won’t use something if she doesn’t like the way it looks, I like a product to be durable as well.

The lunch bag measures 8.5 inches by 7.5 inches by 6.0 inches and features an oxford cloth exterior. That material requires little cleaning maintenance as you can spot clean it with a damp sponge. On the interior you will find a light gray insulation lining that is non toxic and environmentally friendly. That material is stain resistant as well, which is practically a necessity given how lunch containers are prone to spilling food on occasion. Any parent who has ever tried to clean out a lunch bag with leaks inside knows the biggest hassle is removing unwanted food stains. After awhile the inside of the lunch bag tends to look like a food bomb exploded. That doesn’t seem to be an issue I need to worry about with this product.

Using the Lunch Bag

Sanne Lunch Bag Review | Aprel's Thoughts and Reviews

Although the lunch bag presents an impressive appearance, I wondered if it could be functional as well. With my daughter’s night of dance classes only a few hours away, I decided to put the lunch bag to the test. I got to work grabbing snacks out of the pantry and refrigerator and filling up her water bottle. With everything on the counter in front of me it was time to see what the lunch bag could really do. Several minutes later I stepped back and assessed the situation.

Much to my surprise the lunch bag held everything I had out on the counter with extra room to spare. Take a quick look at everything that I put inside that lunch bag:

  • A water bottle
  • A package of crackers
  • A lunch size bag of cheez-its
  • A sandwich
  • A yogurt
  • A vanilla pudding container
  • A container of grapes

Now it was the moment of truth – time to close the lunch bag! As the zipper started to close I waited for the inevitable moment when it wouldn’t be able to shut with all of the contents I had placed inside the lunch bag. Surprisingly, the zipper closure showed no signs of struggle as I closed the lunch bag. I tucked a short and sweet note, along with a napkin and utensils, inside the front zipper pocket and told my daughter it was time to head to the dance studio.

The padded handle and adjustable shoulder strap made the lunch bag easy for her to carry. It didn’t get in the way of her dance bag at all. After returning home from the dance studio, I emptied the lunch bag contents and wiped the inside clean. As an added bonus I noticed how easily the lunch bag folds up, which makes it great for storing away until the next time I needed it.

Sanne Lunch Bag Collapsable | Aprel's Thoughts and Reviews

My Final Thoughts

My overall experience with this lunch bag is positive. It’s one of the few bags that can withstand the rigorous world of a pre-teen girl and come out unharmed. Perhaps an even bigger surprise was seeing my daughter exit the dance studio still carrying the lunch bag. Any parent knows how quickly our children can lose things, which can send us to the store for a last minute replacement!

I highly recommend that you purchase this lunch bag for your personal use, for your child to use or as a great holiday gift for someone on your list this year. Here is the link where you can purchase the product:

If you do purchase this lunch bag, share a comment below letting me know what you think of the product!