Book Review: No Chimney? No Problem! By: Jodi Wojtowicz

No Chimney No Problem Book Review | Aprel's Thoughts and Reviews

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Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year! The sights and sounds of lights and music fill the air. There are delicious treats to enjoy seemingly everywhere you turn. The weather is colder, which makes you want to sip on a warm drink as you take in the wonderment of the season. Blankets of snow cover the ground as children, young and old, are busy building snowmen or sledding down the hill. All of this hustle and bustle of activity leads to the magic that is Christmas morning.

Of course before you arrive at Christmas morning you must have a visit from Santa the night before! If you ever doubt the magic of Santa and his sleigh of reindeer just look into the eyes of a young child staring at the lights on a Christmas tree or arranging a plate of cookies and a glass of milk in anticipation of the special guest who will arrive later that night. There you will see the true magic that makes Christmas so special!

No Chimney? No Problem! brings us the opportunity to hold on to that Christmas magic for just a little bit longer!

The Book


No Chimney No Problem Cover | Aprel's Thoughts and Reviews

At one time or another, every child looks around the house in an attempt to figure out how Santa gets inside on Christmas Eve. Author Jodi Wojtowicz takes a heartwarming look at how Santa handles all those houses that don’t have a chimney. It’s a different take on the magic of Christmas Eve as most books showcase Santa coming in through a chimney. Even the traditional story, The Night Before Christmas, includes a line about hanging stockings by the chimney as the children await the arrival of Santa. For a child without a chimney this can spark worrisome thoughts about whether or not Santa will stop by that night. When a child worries about Santa, a small piece of Christmas magic disappears!

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The book gives parents the chance to calm this worry and create a new family tradition at the same time. Illustrator Breanna Sipple helps bring the merriment and wonder of the characters to life with her colorful illustrations. Jodi creates a heartwarming story of a young girl exploring the various ways her family can help Santa out since their home doesn’t have a chimney. In an effort to ease her daughter’s concerns, mom reassures her with a story about her great-grandfather and the special magic of a key.  Just like that a new family tradition is born!

My Final Thoughts

I love everything about this book, especially the part that lets families create a new Christmas tradition. My favorite family tradition is the one where we read Christmas stories on Christmas Eve while sitting around the tree as everyone is wearing a new pair of Christmas pajamas. Over the years, our book collection has grown to include stories featuring our state alongside traditional classics. No Chimney? No Problem! will be joining that collection of stories this year!

I highly recommend this book as a way to keep the magic of Christmas alive inside your home and thughout the holiday season each year! You can find the book through Moon Jump Press today.