Book Review: 10 Secrets of Being a Lady By Sheba Matheu

10 Secrets of Being a Lady Book Review | Aprel's Thoughts and Reviews

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Family history often depends upon traditions that are passed down from one generation to the next. These secrets of sorts are what make a family unique and strengthen their bond with one another. Young children grow up hearing bits and pieces of these family secrets yet never have the privilege to hear the entire story. That right of passage comes when the moment is right. Then and only then will a child discover the treasured family secret. 

That is where this story begins!

10 Secrets of Being a Lady | Aprel's Thoughts and Reviews

Within the first few pages we meet Ava, a spunky young girl teetering on the line between being a young lady and a carefree child. She wants to listen to her mother and act accordingly yet her youthful energy gets the best of her most of the time. Her mother feels that the time has come for Ava to learn a treasured family secret. She is going to share 10 family secrets on how to be a lady with young Ava. 

To prepare for the special occasion her mother takes a seat in the family library, her favorite place to spend time with Ava, and prepares for the momentous event. When Ava enters the room, her mother can’t help but smile at her child. 

Ava marks the event in the true style that makes her mother’s heart fill with pride. Never afraid to be herself, she chooses her prettiest pink tiara, pearl necklace and gloves as accessory pieces. Her outfit consists of a floral top, striped leggings and two of her finest tutus. When her mother reveals the reason for their afternoon gathering, young Ava’s eyes widen in amazement.

Ava sipping a drink | Aprel's Thoughts and Reviews

Over the course of the afternoon her mother shares life lessons disguised as secrets. The two talk about showcasing self-confidence, speaking deliberately and always using their manners. Ava listens intently to what her mother says before sharing her thoughts on how her actions are different than that advice. She talks about blowing bubbles in her drinks, eating with her hands and interrupting someone who is talking. You can’t help but giggle at how Ava realizes that her mother is most likely not pleased with all of the choices she makes. As a parent to a daughter myself I sympathized with how her mother tried to instill lessons of kindness and personal presence into her child. 

Listen to Others | Aprel's Thoughts and Reviews

As I read the story, secret #2 stuck out the most to me. It talks about the importance of listening to others. In writing the book, Sheba Matheu shows a mother trying to teach her daughter a valuable lesson. I think it’s a lesson that resonates with all of us. Much of the problems our country faces comes from our inability to listen to each other. That leads me to think that Ava isn’t the only one who can benefit from this family secret. 

My Final Thoughts

Overall it’s a sweet story about giving children lessons that will help guide them through life. It’s ideal for younger children however, my 12 year old daughter found value in it as well. I think Sheba did a great job creating a story highlighting  the mother-daughter relationship and family values. Meredith Rushing’s illustrations brought the story to life and made it easy to visualize young Ava’s spunkiness. 

I highly recommend this book for a young child in your life! It would make the ideal holiday gift for the avid young reader on your gift giving list as well! You can find the book available for purchase here

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