Is Soap Club Sandalwood Natural Artisan Soap For You?

Disclaimer: I received a free product in exchange for this review post. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own and not influenced by the product company and/or its affiliates in any way. 

Upon hearing the words “natural artisan soap” you likely create a mental image of someone showering in the woods while forest animals happily scamper around. You could be like my husband and think that there is no way in God’s green earth natural soap can do the job that soap is meant to do.

In either case that thought process cannot be more wrong! I can say that with certainty because I’ve been using Soap Club’s Sandalwood Natural Artisan soap for over a week now and I am happy with the results that I’m seeing!

You’re probably thinking that I have to say that because I’ve been given a free soap bar to try. While the free product part is true, the testament is 100% genuine in nature. Let me share with you why I’m a fan of the Soap Club and then you can make a decision for yourself.

The Product
Soap Club Sandalwood Natural Artisan Soap | Aprel Phelps Downey

Soap Club prides itself on making a line of natural artisan soap products containing ingredients that you can easily pronounce. The soap that I’ve been using consists of the following ingredients:

1. Olive Oil
2. Coconut Oil
3. Soybean Oil
4. Hemp Oil
5. Corn Oil
6. Organic Shea Butter
7. Water

That’s it! There’s nothing fancy or something that I can’t pronounce hiding in that bar of soap sitting in my shower right now. Everything is natural and there are no harsh chemicals or dyes that might cause me to worry about the long term effects of my family using this soap on a daily basis.

Using the Soap

The Natural Artisan soap bar undergoes a handcrafted process that takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks from start to finish. In the end, you have a soap product that feels more like lotion than something you would use to clean your skin. Upon opening the box I noticed how light the soap felt unlike the heavier feel of most standard soap bars.

After using it for the first time I instantly noticed how much smoother my skin felt in comparison to how my skin feels after using my regular body wash. Several days later that smooth skin feeling remained even when I had been using the soap every day as a replacement for body wash.

Appearance of the Soap

Upon taking the soap out of the box I noticed that it had a light brown color and was in the shape of a square. That caught my eye because most soap bars are an oblong or circle shape. I wondered if maybe the unique shape would make the soap bar easier to handle in the shower. Several minutes into that first shower with the Soap Club natural artisan soap and I had my answer. It was a resounding yes!

With other bars of soap I was often left with an awkward clump of soap in my hand that proved ineffective at washing my skin or staying in my hand. That’s not the case with this natural artisan soap bar. It’s as easy to hold and use on its tenth day as it was fresh out of the box!

My Final Thoughts
The only drawback that I can mention about this soap is how it lathers up. It took two or three minutes of continual scrubbing against my loofah or hands before a decent soap lather would form. However, once that lather started to form, the soap got down to business and did its job quite well.

I didn’t know what to expect overall as this was my first time trying natural artisan soap. In all honesty I can say that the soap worked great. It’s something that I will continue using and will most likely order again once this bar is gone.

So the answer to my initial title question is a resounding YES Soap Club Sandalwood Natural Artisan Soap is for me and I highly recommend that it be the soap for you as well!

Order your soap bar here – then comment below to let me know what you think!